At NuxGame, we are continuously striving to enhance our platform to deliver the best experience for our users. Here are our recent updates that are set to revolutionize your iGaming experience:

Anjoan License Logo Integration

Understanding the importance of trust and credibility, we've introduced a feature that allows you to display the Anjoan license logo on your website. This small addition can make a significant impact on your user's trust.

Multilingual Support for Custom Categories

In our mission to cater to a global audience, we've added the capability for operators to provide translations in multiple languages for custom categories. This feature ensures that your platform is accessible and user-friendly for players from various linguistic backgrounds.

Revamped Mobile Game View

Mobile gaming has never been better on our platform. We've changed the way games are displayed on mobile devices, focusing on a more immersive full-screen experience. Enhanced pop-ups and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for in-game options and information make gaming on the go smoother and more engaging.

Control Center Redesign and Template Configuration Enhancements

We've redesigned the Control Center, making template editing more intuitive and efficient. Improved banners validation settings with new tabs offer a better UX, and users can now see the options and features that each template allows for end-users at the top of the page. Moreover, there's now an option to enable or disable menu items globally, giving you greater control over your client's back office.

Expanded Tier Program Levels

To give our users more flexibility, we've increased the number of levels in our tier program. You can now set up to 30 levels, providing more options for user engagement and loyalty strategies.

Custom Reports Generation for Agents and Players

In our latest feature, users can generate various types of reports and export them as CSV files. This tool is perfect for creating detailed analyses and bespoke reports, giving you deeper insights into your agents' and players' activities.

These updates are a testament to NuxGame's commitment to innovation and excellence. We believe these enhancements will not only improve your operational efficiency but also enrich the gaming experience for your users. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to evolve our platform to meet your needs.